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Water Cerenkov

This detection technique has been successfully experienced with SuperKamiokande and T2K experiments and has no particular technological locks. For the futur, three detectors at megatons scale have been proposed: HyperK in Japan, WCD in USA investigated by the LBNE collaboration and MEMPHYS (MEgaton Mass PHYSics[4]) in Europe. This last detector has been developed for a short baseline configuration (130km) from CERN to LSM laboratory in Modane and can be used for very long distance (2400 km) from CERN toward Pyhäsalmi located in Finland. However MEMPHYS can be used at an intermediate scale (500-600 km) by considering the second oscillation maximum of the νμ->νe with an neutrino beam produced by the European Spallation Source (ESS) [5].

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