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Neutrino Accelerators

The next step in neutrino physics requires new facilities with very intense neutrino sources to improve the accuracy on the measurements of the neutrino parameters of the PMNS matrix and to look for the CP violation in the leptonic sector. New facilities are required and their development is real technological challenges for the future. These structures are under investigation through international comities (International Scoping Study, The International Design Study For The Neutrino Factory).

Accelerator Facilities

The real challenge will be to make a target able to survive at the MW Power beam ofr a conventionnal beam.

Super beams

Euronu superbeam

Beta beams

In this facility, the neutrino beam is produced by beta decay of radioactive ion beams. This option has been investigated to be used with a neutrino superbeam and a megaton Water Cherenkov detector. The technological challenge is to elaborate a radioactive beam enough stable working under high intensity with specific isotopes.

Radioactive beam facility principle

Neutrino Factory

Neutrino beam principle

Neutrino source based on reactors

[1] The EUROnu Project arXiv:1305.4067


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